About IHC America Inc.

IHC America Inc. is the sole distributor of Royal IHC for the U.S.A. and Canada of its full line of dredge and mining products and services which includes innovative vessels, advanced equipment and life-cycle support.

IHC America, a US based company, was founded in 1977 and is having its registered office in Houston TX. IHC America is supported by the parent company Royal IHC in The Netherlands.

The Northern American Markets

The different laws and tax regulations in  North America do in most cases have an impact on the scope of deliveries from abroad, especially when it comes to turn-key deliveries of complete dredge and mining units.

By cooperating with US and Canadian based construction companies and suppliers, IHC America has successfully built  a track record of serving the dredge and mining industries with advanced, reliable and cost efficient equipment, ranging from studies, training, engineering, renovations, spare / replacement parts up to turn key deliveries of dredge and mining units.